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Signing Off

It has been an incredible privilege to be part of the Goulburn Street community over the past seven and a half years - and it is very difficult to be leaving.

I wish to acknowledge all members of the Goulburn Street staff and to thank them for their collective strengths, wisdom and enthusiasm along with a clear commitment to ongoing school improvement. Their willingness to reflect on practice, to continually build knowledge and skills, with a view to improving student outcomes and wellbeing, has been critical in providing the welcoming, inspiring and caring school environment of GSPS.

I shall remain extremely grateful for the expertise, support and understanding received from parents, family and community members over the years. Your combined contributions and actions are integral to the culture and genuine sense of community that is unique to Goulburn Street Primary.

Finally, I am grateful to the young people who are or have been central to Goulburn Street Primary since July 2011. I remind you to stretch yourselves in what you do, to continue to take on challenges and to do your best in whatever you undertake, in school and beyond.

Thank you all for helping to make my time at GSPS truly memorable on both a personal and professional level,



Errors in November Statements

We wanted to make parents who may receive Debtor Statements from the Department of Education aware that the end of November Debtor Statements were based on incorrect data. This has resulted in many of these statements being wrong with payments that were made in November not appearing on your statement.

As a result of this mistake the November Statements are being re-run, and an up to date Statement will be posted out later this week, unfortunately with Christmas it may mean that you don’t receive this until the new year. Your new Statement will include a flyer containing information relating to the error. Thank you for your understanding in relation to this matter.

Review of school intake ares

The Department of Education (DoE) is seeking feedback from school communities as part of a review of government school intake areas, as required under the Education Act 2016. During the initial stage of this community consultation process the DoE has developed maps to indicate the areas for each primary school. The information is drawn from enrolment histories, demographics and transport patterns. Some adjustments have been made to fit with natural features or roads where access to one school may be easier. Please note:

Any proposed changes would not to be implemented until 2021

Where children have a sibling already attending a school enrolment is allowed

The ‘out of area’ enrolment process would continue, providing the school has capacity

Families are encouraged to read the letter included with this newsletter.

Further information can be found at:

Feedback can be provided individually or combined into a single school response through School Association members or myself.

Click here to view the new Goulburn Street Primary School Intake Area